Meeting the Herr

In this Fetischichte you read everything about my first meeting with my dominant Herr.

It all started with some bad news in my office. “The guy doesn’t want the house. But he’ll be looking at another house tomorrow.” said my Boss at the real estate office, after I came back from my appointment with a new client. Shit, I thought. The next day my sexy colleague would wrap him wonderfully around her finger with her looks and her experience and be happy about the 3% commission that the boss had offered. But I was sorely mistaken. Because my boss had another message for me.

“It seems you made an impression. The client insists on making the appointment with you. For whatever reason” He added the last sentence after a short pause to express his lack of appreciation for my work, which I felt again and again. But this time his allusion failed to hit me. I just ignored them and focused on the essential info. The client wanted me! That was great.

The rest of the day I floated through the company on a cloud and the way home was also a way in soft cotton wool. It wasn’t until I was standing in front of my closet before going to bed that reality caught up with me again. Unlike my colleague, the Miss sexy secretary, I didn’t have a whole closet full of skirts, blouses and lace underwear. I preferred jeans and tops, which I could wear both in the office and in my free time. But there were also a few fancier pieces that I pulled out when there were important meetings or special occasions. Just what should I wear? I was at a loss and needed support.

Fifteen minutes later I was standing in the living room with a gray pants suit and a blue blouse. Anne, my neighbor, was sitting on the couch. She eyed me, then down at her newly filled champagne glass and shook her head. “No, that’s too gray a mouse. You can’t do that.” Well, she certainly wasn’t entirely wrong. So further in the closet. After about an hour, two more champagne glasses and a plethora of no’s and no’s and head shakes, the time had come. It should be a combination of black pants and a light blouse with half-length, slightly flared sleeves. I had also found a pair of light gray lace-up shoes that I liked to wear when the weather permitted. Satisfied, I put my things on the clothes rack for the next day, slipped into my sweatpants and helped Anne empty the champagne bottle.

The following day was all about the apointment. I had dressed up, was well prepared and arrived really early at the object so that I was even able to sit on the grass for a while before my customer arrived. In a good mood I took off my shoes and looked at my feet, whose dark red painted nails shimmered in the sun through the thin nylon socks. Oh yes, I thought, how beautiful the world could be. This house, the beautiful garden, I might like that too. I closed my eyes dreamily and took a deep breath of the fresh garden air.

“Nice nails” I suddenly heard a voice next to me. My heart almost stopped. And a little scream escaped me. Oh god it was him. I looked in his direction, completely taken aback. And full against the sun. I narrowed my eyes and saw only his outline as he reached out to help me up. Then I saw his face up close. Yes, he was a handsome man, there was no doubt about that. And obviously he knew it too. Because his self-confidence radiated out of him.

“Did you paint those for me?” he brought the conversation back to my red toenails and before I could even say hello, I stammered: “Yes..uh, I mean, no, kind of. For today..?” He smiled. “Ah yes. Good. I like that. But I wouldn’t have seen the nails in the shoes.” I felt very small and very stupid. But he covered that casually, turned towards the front door and motioned for me to follow him. After lacing my shoes on the landing, we started the tour in the hallway. And there it ended again after twenty minutes. My voice echoed off the bare walls as I asked with a smile, “And how did you enjoy the tour?” The answer was a slap in the face. She froze my smile straight away. “The visit was boring. But I like the house.” he said without batting an eyelid. I was totally flabbergasted. Such a rude guy. What was that supposed to mean?

I took a deep breath. And tried to keep his composure as he looked me up and down and then said, ‘We’ll look at the house again next week. Then we’ll do a proper inspection.” What should I say to that? Of course I could have slapped him, but then he would have complained to my boss. I couldn’t risk that. My boss was just looking for a reason to hit me. Also, I have to admit, I was also a little curious as to what he meant by the proper inspection. So I stayed calm. “Okay, today is Friday. I’m going back to the office now and we’ll see each other next week. Let’s say around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday?”

He nodded. Then he said without hesitation, “Thirty-eight, I guess?” “Excuse me?” I replied, irritated. But he was already halfway to the front yard and I didn’t get an answer to my question. At least not at this moment. Only later, just before I was about to leave the office, did I realize what he meant. I was about to take my empty coffee cup to the office kitchen when my colleague came up to me with a cheeky grin. “Anything special planned for the weekend?” he asked curiously. “Uh.. no, why?” I asked back. “Well, you don’t order clothes by express just like that without good reason.” He replied snippy and held a large package in front of my nose. “Just dropped off for you at the front desk.”

I accepted the package with a shrug, put the coffee mug in the dishwasher and fetched my bag from my office. Actually, I wanted to drive home first before I opened the ominous package, but then I was too curious. I couldn’t stand it in the car any longer and after two short scratches with my key I was able to take a look inside the box. I was amazed when I opened the lid. Apparently there was a complete outfit in the box. Folded up neatly and with a little note on top. Curious, I took out the folded paper. The word „Liebeste“ was written in curved letters on the front. Inside was a hotel’s business card and a small piece of paper with a few handwritten words. “See you tonight.” Signature: The Herr.

That was really weird. Did the customer send me this package? Yes, that’s how it had to be. That was kind of strange. But I didn’t want to decide about all that until I’d had a good look at the contents of the package at home. So I drove off first. Arriving at my apartment, I took a shower, then sat on my bed and opened the mysterious package. The first thing I found in the box was a corset. It was really wonderful. Black and made of a velvety fabric with strong struts. Not easy to put on without a strong hand, but I did my best to tie the laces as tightly as possible around my body when I tried it. Until I could feel the corset shaping my figure. When I was finally properly tied up, I took a pair of nylons out of the box and pulled them over my smooth freshly shaved legs. Lying on the bed, I looked at myself. Yes, I could definitely let myself be seen. And I had to admit, it felt good, this new outfit. Especially the fabric of the corset and those nylon stockings with the thin seam. They were really hot. I had to be careful not to get lost in wild thoughts. After all, I didn’t just want to dream, I really wanted to experience something that evening. So enough with the self-love and back to the box.

Next I found was a dress. It was also black, simply cut and had a subtle nylon insert in the upper area, which formed a nice finish up to the neckline. Of course, my wardrobe was only complete with a pair of matching shoes. The Herr obviously wanted that. That’s probably why he chose these high heels with the thin heels for me. High heels that made me watch where I was stepping. After the first steps in my apartment, I already felt how these high heels made me feel insecure. It didn’t seem like that to me then. But today I think it was precisely this insecurity in my life that the Herr wanted to show me.

It was crazy and I shouldn’t be doing it, I thought as I closed my apartment door behind me. But something in me pushed me. A feeling as strong as a dozen horses in front of the carriage drove me into this adventure. It made me do things I would never have done otherwise. Yes, it was in control of me. I don’t like to admit it, but when I was standing on the street in front of my apartment that evening, it was strong, this feeling. Stronger than me. And it got me into the waiting cab.

It didn’t take long, maybe fifteen minutes, for the car to stop. The front of the house we were standing in front of looked a bit worn, but the large pane with the “room available” sign had been carefully cleaned. This flophouse was clearly past its best. But that didn’t bother me at that moment. As if hypnotized, I walked straight into the hotel entrance. The room key was already deposited. I just had to go upstairs. To the man I had only met twice before in my life. Incredible actually, but I wanted it to be special. I made an effort. To please him, to do my job well, to make it perfect.

There was that uncertainty again as I staggered down the hotel hallway. I held the key in my hand. “Suite Seaside” was written on the trailer. What an irony. I had found an eye mask in the box with instructions to put it on before entering the suite. And that’s exactly what I did after I had walked halfway through the hotel, followed by many pairs of eyes, and had reached his room. I knocked, put on the mask and waited for the door to open. My breathing was fast and shallow. From excitement. Or maybe because my body was stuck in this tight corset. My knees were soft as butter. And it wasn’t because of the heels. That was because of what awaited me behind that hotel door. What I hoped for behind that door as I crossed the threshold, blindfolded, arms outstretched, trembling.

The door slid shut behind me with a soft sound. Then it was quiet. I listened. Nothing could be heard. I carefully put one foot in front of the other. Click, my heel could be heard clearly as I stepped onto the wooden floor. Click, one more step. Then I felt a breath of air right next to me. Suddenly, his voice: “Stand still.” Softly, almost breathily, his words hit my ear. A tingling trickled down my spine. No “hello”, no “how are you”. Just a soft command. And I did it. I stood very still, my arms folded behind my back. That was the moment, the crucial moment, when I surrendered myself to him. And he accepted the invitation.

He gently placed something around my wrists. First right, then left. I tried to focus on the feeling. Was it a rope? I gently touched my left arm with the fingertips of my right hand. Yes, that felt like a rope. It was a strange feeling, blind and with ropes on my wrists in this room. Where would that lead? I didn’t have time to think about it for long. It was going too fast at that moment. The Herr opened the zipper of the dress directly and with one wipe the fabric slid down my body to the floor.

There I was, in heels and stockings, my upper body crammed into a corset, my hands tied with rope behind my back and my privates covered with only a thin piece of fabric. Yes, I had followed his instructions and literally put on everything I found in the box. I also swapped my panties for his black thong. He seemed to like that. He led me across the room and gave me a spin. I could feel his eyes sliding up and down my body as he looked at me standing so directly in front of him in my sheer helplessness. He gently pushed me back a bit. I took a small step and felt an edge behind me, of a seat or a flat bench I guessed. I slowly lowered my butt until my hands could feel the seat.

As soon as I sat down on the chair, he positioned me according to his wishes. First he guided my arms to the side of my body, then with his strong hands he pulled first one and then the other foot far outwards, so that I had to support myself with my hands and almost presented my most intimate part to him. It was a somewhat strenuous position he had put me in. The heels, the arched back and the hands, I had to concentrate on everything to keep my body in balance. Not easy when you’re blindfolded. I was so busy getting into position I didn’t even notice that he gently touched my ankles. Only when his hand suddenly and unexpectedly slipped between my thighs and I wanted to reflexively close my legs did I realize that he had cleverly tied my arms and legs to the chair.

I suddenly realized that I was at his mercy. My heart was beating like crazy from one second to the next. I suddenly felt lighter than ever. Even though I was tied up, I seemed to be floating on a wave. A wave that turned into a tide just a moment later. A flood of feelings. I pulled and tugged at the bonds. My body writhed as the Herr touched me with his hands over and over again. At some point I rocked so wild that I almost reared up in the chair. Yes, my whole upper body moved up, and half-standing, half-sitting, I held my abdomen as high as I could. That was the moment I felt his mouth touch my lips. Yes, those lips. He kissed me through the thin black fabric. It was a wet kiss. I groaned. At that moment I knew this night was going to be a special night. The first night of my new life as his Liebeste.

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