Break with a gag

In this Fetischichte, the Herr ensures that he can watch TV in peace while I have a break with a gag.

I’m not a soccer fan. Not a little. I’m not interested in this sport. Luckily, the Herr thinks the same way. Football isn’t his thing. He doesn’t even watch regular TV and doesn’t pay for cable networks. Nevertheless, there is something that he usually does not miss and that is just as important to him as the cup final for football fans – the annual presentation of the new smartphone generation. He’s not a tech nerd or anything. Certainly not. But he gets a new device every year with his mobile phone contract and he is correspondingly curious when the next generation is presented with a big bang. He also works in marketing and for that reason alone he is interested in the staging that is offered at such events.

To be honest, I don’t really know much about the subject. I have a phone that the Herr had chosen for me because he wanted us to use the same system. A good decision, because it actually had some advantages in everyday life. But still, it wasn’t that important to me. Well, I was a bit curious as to what he found so interesting about all this stuff. That’s why I decided to be there for the next broadcast of the new performance.

The right opportunity arose quickly. It was a Tuesday afternoon. We had talked on the phone and he casually mentioned that he wanted to watch the new keynote live in the stream that evening. I wished him a lot of fun with it. And shortly after we hung up, I made my way over to him.

As I said, the Herr is not a tech nerd. But he still tried that day to leave work on time, eat something quickly and then sit down in front of the screen with a glass of wine. All of which he managed to do. Just before the start of the broadcast, his evening got mixed up. Because I rang the doorbell. After a somewhat surprised greeting, the Herr invited me into his living room.

The transmission had just started when we sat down on the couch. For the first time we sat together in front of the screen and looked at guys who somewhere in the world gave long speeches and praised themselves over the green clover. The Herr seemed quite interested. At least more than my presence. I reassured him for a while and just watched. Of course, I was bored to death after a few minutes. So I started talking about what was happening on screen.

I asked the name of the speaker who was presenting something. Then I asked what he was doing there. And then I speculated what he might perform next. The Herr endured my babble with his well-known calmness. Sometimes he would explain something to me, other times he would just ignore my question and try to focus on the stream. He did that for a while too. But I could feel how it was getting too distracting for him. He endured my wonderful presence for an hour. But just as a musical act was about to take the stage, he stood up and said in a calm tone, “Please wait a minute.” Then he left the room.

At this point I don’t have to mention that I wasn’t really interested in the presentation. I would much rather have the Herr take more interest in me than the screen. But of course I couldn’t admit that. Especially since it now looked as if the Herr had lost the desire to continue watching the stream. I listened intently as he rummaged in the closet in his bedroom. He was probably getting dressed in something nicer, I thought, as the noise from the next room stopped. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back on the low arm of the sofa and listened to his footsteps coming closer again. I let out a relaxed sigh of satisfaction.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and at the same moment I felt something pressed between my slightly parted lips. I widened my eyes. The Herr stood over me. He looks at me with a determined expression on his face while he put a gag in my mouth. The thing was pretty big and he pressed it between my teeth with all his might. I tried to shut my mouth but the gag was already filling my oral cavity. It was so tight between my teeth that I couldn’t even spit it out. And before I knew it, the Herr had wrapped a strap around the back of my head and fastened it at the back of my neck. I felt the rubber ball go deeper into me. The straps pressed firmly in both corners of his mouth. I shook my head in desperation, but the Herr was undeterred. On the contrary. Skillfully he pulled one far strap vertically across my forehead, over the crown of my head and to the back of my head. I felt a firm tug, then my head felt like it was being crushed. I tried to say something. But the gag pushed my tongue firmly into the roof of my mouth and filled my mouth so well that hardly a decent sound escaped from the outside. All I could utter was grumpy, unintelligible hums and moans. I sucked in a deep breath through my nose to at least express my protest. But the Herr just looked down at me with satisfaction.

Of course, I immediately tried to free myself from this gag. But he just said “Frollein!” and raised his index finger like an old high school teacher. Then he showed me a small golden padlock and before I could really understand what I was seeing, he had grabbed me again. I heard a click and his satisfied “So!”. Then he let go of me. I took the chance immediately. With a leap I was on my feet and out the door. In the hallway I landed right in front of the floor to ceiling mirror and what I saw was quite impressive indeed. There was a bright red rubber ball in my mouth. I felt the foreign object, ran my fingers along the thick leather straps, and tried to examine the lock. Indeed, he had blocked the buckle of the strap with the padlock. It was not possible to free my head from this leather cage. That was immediately clear to me. I collected myself, straightened my hair as best I could between the leather straps, and disappeared straight into the bathroom. Yes, he was the Herr and I had provoked him. But I didn’t want to let that down on me.

I tell you, the Herr was amazed when I stood in front of him a few minutes later, completely made up and with dark red lips that surrounded the ball gag in a large circle. Of course, it wasn’t just the lips that amazed him. His wide eyes might as well have been a result of my outfit. Because I was wearing a red push-up bra, which emphasized my décolleté with extravagant straps, a garter belt that was also red, matching skin-colored stockings with red seams and a pair of bright red high heels with shiny stiletto heels. I didn’t wear any panties.

To make a long story short, the television was on for the rest of the night in the living room with no one watching.

My teeth hurt the next morning, but I was overjoyed. It was worth rehearsing that performance for three evenings in my apartment. While I had to admit that I wasn’t expecting the gag would be in my mouth all night, when I planned my little distraction.

I looked at the Herr who was lying next to me in bed and who was watching me with his head propped up. He had tied me to the bed that night and my right wrist was still fixed to the bed frame with a metal shackle above my head. “That was a very nice distraction,” said the Herr. I grunted into my gag in agreement. “Oh yeah…” he started again. “The gag.” I nodded. Yeah, the gag. It was about time to take it off, I thought. But the Herr said: “The gag stays in for a while. At least until I watched the replay of the live stream in peace.”

And with that he walked calmly into the living room while I sank back into the pillow with a deep sigh.

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